Jan Dismas Zelenka, Johann David Heinichen – Missa No.9, Te Deum


Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679 – 1745)
Johann David Heinichen (1683 – 1729)

Missa No.9, Te Deum

Label: Carus, 83.148
Year: 2008


Heike Hallaschka – soprano
Martina Lins-Reuber – soprano
Patrick van Goethem – altus
Marcus Ullman – tenor
Jochen Kupfer – bass

Dresden Chamber Choir
Dresden Baroque Orchestra

Hans-Christoph Rademann – conductor

”Heinichen’s Mass employs especially the capabilities of the brass to achieve a festive majesty in sound. A four-voiced trumpet choir in combination with the double choir layout lend Zelenka’s Te Deum a festive character. Hans-Christoph Rademann brings choir, orchestra and soloists to their highest level of performance.“

It’s easy to see–and hear–why Bach admired the music of Jan Zelenka. How can anyone resist? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about (Zelenka’s music has received inexplicably meager attention until fairly recently), just get this disc and go right to track 10. This concluding section of the Te Deum is as inventive and downright exciting as baroque music gets–infectious, dancing rhythms, soaring soprano lines, ingeniously interwoven contrapuntal lines that seem to bounce off each other, and full-bodied orchestral accompaniment–all of which makes its impact in the space of two minutes. But this is the sort of compelling music that characterizes the work’s entire 28 minutes, varied with an alto solo, duets for two sopranos and for tenor and bass, and full sections for chorus. From the very Bach-like orchestral introduction to the above-mentioned rousing conclusion, this remarkable piece should take a place among the 18th century’s standard repertoire–next to Bach’s own quick-paced, tightly-knit flash of genius, the Magnificat.
In a different vein, Johann Heinichen’s Mass No. 9 in D flows every bit as freely and beautifully and with its own complete command of style and structure. It’s a magnificent, majestic work with powerful, elegantly built choruses and fine solos. The fugal writing is especially notable. And so are the world-class performances by choir and orchestra, whose enthusiasm for this music comes through in every bar. Such dynamic, musically affecting, and technically sound singing and playing doesn’t come easily, and conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann also deserves credit for the commendable results. Particular mention must go to tenor Marcus Ullmann’s rendition of Heinichen’s Qui tollis, a lovely, surprising little gem reminiscent of and equal to Handel’s better efforts.

01. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumTe Deum laudamus 05:38
02. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumTu rex gloriae 02:48
03. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumTu ad liberandum 05:01
04. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumTu ad dexteram Dei sedes 01:31
05. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumJudex crederis 02:20
06. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumAeterna fac 01:47
07. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumIntonatio: Salvum fac 00:33
08. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumEt rege eos 01:43
09. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumPer singulos dies 04:38
10. Jan Dismas Zelenka Te DeumIn te, Domine 02:05
11. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DKyrie eleison 03:18
12. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in Dhriste eleison 02:33
13. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DGloria in excelsis 02:16
14. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DDomine Deus 01:55
15. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DQui tollis 03:36
16. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DQuoniam 01:59
17. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DConcertino 03:50
18. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DCredo 02:29
19. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DCrucifixus 03:31
20. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DEt resurrexit 04:05
21. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DSanctus 02:54
22. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DBenedictus 02:09
23. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DOsanna in excelsis 01:48
24. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DAgnus Dei 02:55
25. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DAgnus Dei 02:28
26. Johann David Heinichen Missa Nr. 9 in DDona nobis pacem 03:20







Cesar Franck – Les Beatitudes Oratorio


Cesar Franck (1822 – 1890)

Les Beatitudes Oratorio (2 CDs)

Label: Brilliant Classics, 99955
Year: 2003


Diana Montague – mezzo soprano
Keith Lewis – tenor
Gilles Cachemaille – bariton
John Cheek – bass
Cornelia Kallisch – alto
Ingeborg Danz – mezzo soprano
Scot Weir – tenor
Juan Vasle – bass
Reinhard Hagen – bass

Gachinger Kantorei Stuttgart
Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart

Helmuth Rilling – conductor

Les Beatitudes will probably be considered as Franck’s masterpiece. To a man of so profoundly religious as Cesar Franck the subject of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount must have appealed with particular force. The profound humanity, the depth of feeling and the transcendental beauty of the music make it one of the greatest masterpieces of religious music. Excellent performances by a strong cast of soloists, the superb Radio Symphony Orchestra of Stuttgart and choral specialist Helmuth Rilling.










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