Tombeau pour Mr. de Ste. Colombe & autres portraits


Year: 2008

Label: Zig Zag Territoires

Performers: Ensemble Spirale: Marianne Muller (viole de gambe et direction), Violaine Cochard (Clavecin), Claire Antonini (théorbe et luth), Charles Edouard Fantin (guitare et luth), Emily Audouin (basse de viole de gambe)


01. Ste Colombe – Prélude (du manuscrit de Tournus) 4:28
02. Ste Colombe – Concert à deux violes égales: 6:00
03. Marin Marais – Tombeau pour Mr de Ste Colombe 7:29
04. J.-B. Forqueray – La Laborde 6:29
05. J.-B. Forqueray – La Rameau 4:16
06. J.-B. Forqueray – La Leclair 5:13
07. Denis Gautier – Tombeau de Gautier 4:39
08. J.-B. Forqueray – La Forqueray 3:26
09. J.-P. Rameau – La Rameau 4:39
10. Vieux Gautier – Les Larmes de Boesset, Courrante 2:33
11. J.-B. Forqueray – La Couperin 4:35
12. J.-P. Rameau – La Forqueray 4:49
13. Marin Marais – Tombeau pour Mr Lully 7:41
14. Marin Marais – La Marianne 2:44


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    • Jassa Singh
    • June 17th, 2010

    Hello, wondeful music here. I don’t want to comment this one recording but simply ask about todays (17/6)playlist. All this four pieces are truly wonderful. I can’t find them here though. From what recorda are they? I have to tell you that I don’t listen often to classical music so it goes to your merit that you got me in to it.:-)
    Please if you can orivde info either here or back ty my mail.
    Thanks for this wonderfullmusic.

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