(Repost) Claudio Monteverdi – L’Orfeo (2CDs)


Fabian Schofrin,
Maria Cristina Kiehr,
Furio Zanasi,
Gerd Turk,
Victor Torres,
Maurizio Rossano,
Antonio Abete,
Gloria Banditelli,
Adriana Fernandez,
Roberta Invernizzi
Coro Antoni Il Verso
Ensemble Elyma
Gabriel Garrido

This is a great set. The main competition to this production comes from Gardiner, with Anthony Rolfe Johnson as Orfeo. His is a superbly attractive voice, and he remains the best Orfeo I’ve heard. But Victor Torres is excellent too and his performance is very distinctive and rich in character. What’s more, he is better recorded, as is the whole of Garrido’s interpretation. Throughout, the sound is more detailed, fuller and atmospheric than Gardiner’s thinner Archiv recording.
But back to the performers. Despite having a slim (though valuable) advantage with his Orfeo, Gardiner’s vocalists come second in almost every department. Kiehr outshines Lynne Dawson, Banditelli leaves Von Otter trailing, Zanasi sees off Willard White and Fernandez edges Baird. And yet, Gardiner’s cast is very good indeed, which shows just how superbly Garrido’s team performs here. Both sets boast very fine choruses.
I also prefer the instrumental work of Garrido’s musicians. There is a truly lovely plucked string presence and many details come through that are obscured in the resonant Archiv recording.
Until Monteverdi-master Alessandrini gives us a L’Orfeo (what a prospect that is!), I have no hesitation in now placing the Garrido top of the list. And I can tell you, even Alessandrini’s great team could have their work cut out to match it.”



    • Jason
    • February 20th, 2010

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