Josef Suk – Asrael; Zrání; Praga (2CDs)


Label: EMI

Year: 2008

Orchestra: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Libor Pesek



01. Asrael Symphony: Part One -I- Andante sostenuto;
02. Asrael Symphony: Part One -II- Andante;
03. Asrael Symphony: Part One -III- Vivace;
04. Asrael Symphony: Part Two -IV- Adagio;
05. Asrael Symphony: Part Two -V- Adagio maestoso


01.Zrani, op. 34 – Adagio, quasi andante;
02.Zrani, op. 34 – Tempo primo;
03.Zrani, op. 34 – Quasi tempo primo ma piu animate;
04.Zrani, op. 34 – Adagio;
05.Zrani, op. 34 – A tempo: Quasi allegro;
06.Zrani, op. 34 – Adagio quasi I’istesso tempo;
07.Zrani, op. 34 – Fuga;
08.Zrani, op. 34 – Coda: Largamente;
09.Praga, op. 26


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