Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras Nos. 2 & 5; Concerto for Guitar; Amazonas


Label: Apex

Year: 2002

Performers: Orchestre National de Lyon – Emmanuel Krivine

This is one of the better sounding Villa Lobos Cds out there. Albeit, quite obscure.
Krivine and the Lyon Orchestra play beautifully on 2 of Villa Lobos better known widely recorded Bachianas (2 & 5) and the under recorded Amazonas suite. And Aussel is simply terrific with the Guitar Concerto.
The Lyon Orchestra has been flying under the radar even though world famous conductors such as Chung and Nagano have led them in the past. They are a wonderful orchestra and play these Brazilian favorites in a truly idiomatic performance full of ripe and sultry tropical atmosphere.
The recording is magnificent. Warm, rich and sultry with wide dynamic range, front to back depth and oh so smooth bottom end.
A fabulous CD that belongs in every Villa Lobos collection. Even if you have these pieces on other CDs.


1. Bachianas Brasileiras N°2 : Prélude
2. Bachianas Brasileiras N°2 : Aria
3. Bachianas Brasileiras N°2 : Dance
4. Bachianas Brasileiras N°2 : Toccata
5. Bachianas Brasileiras N°5 : Aria
6. Bachianas Brasileiras N°5 : Dance
7. Concerto Pour Guitare : Allegro Preciso
8. Concerto Pour Guitare : Andantino E Andante
9. Concerto Pour Guitare : Allegretto Non Troppo
10. Amazonas



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